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Hotel Laurentius in an historic setting.
In a garden on the shores of Lake Mälaren lies Hotel Laurentius. What an historic setting we find ourselves in! 
Among our neighbours is the magnificent cathedral from the 13th century as well as Roggeborgen with its characteristic stair-case gables.

Kings and Bishops
Roggeborgen was established as a residence for Bishop Rogge and then "our own" Laurentius Paulinus founded the second senior grammar school in Sweden here back in 1626. Today, Roggeborgen is used by the Royal Library. Right next to the hotel, Gustav Vasa was chosen to be king of the Swedish realm on the 6th of June 1523.

The First Printing Press and Gymnastics Hall
The first printing press in Sweden was founded in our area by Bishop Laurentius. This was where the first newspaper in Sweden was printed. Right up against the hotel wall is the Gymnastics Hall that was built in 1852 and is considered to be the first Gymnastics Hall in Sweden.

Homes for the Bishop
On the street above Hotel Laurentius, you will find several houses that once were bishops' homes.

Girls' Home
Hotel Laurentius is not really as old as the surroundings. The house was originally built as a girls' home for the town's seminary pupils and was made into a hotel in 1996.

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